MoveGreen organizes field trips to energy-efficient buildings, as well as an ecotour to the city dump “Bishkek Sanitary Landfill” and nearby ecological disaster zones.


The landfill was built in 1978. The total area of the landfill at the moment is 45 hectares of land. This is a zone of ecological and social disaster, because. smoke from the landfill over 22 meters high covers nearby residential areas and the city of Bishkek all year round. In the warm season, the landfill burns and decomposes more intensively. Also near the landfill is a filtrate lake – these are poisonous liquids that form in the landfill. The leachate not only pollutes the soil, but also evaporates solid particles.

A reservoir rests against the landfill, where glacial water flows from the Ala-Archa gorge. Polluted water irrigates the fields of the Chui valley.

Also, the tour participants visit the illegal housing estate “Altyn-Kazyk”, located near the landfill. In September 2021, activist Bermet Borubaeva from the Bishkek School of Contemporary Art “BishSI” opened the public space “Library of Saved Books”, where volunteers conduct lessons for children every weekend, and the library is open for other educational and community initiatives.


Тур на тему энергоэффективности и ВИЭ

ОО “МувГрин” организует визиты для демонстрации энергоэффективных решений, возобновляемых источников энергии и других зеленых технологий.