Consultancy Services

MoveGreen is lucky to have some of the most qualified and experienced young professionals in the Kyrgyz Republic. MoveGreen provides quality consulting services to local and international organisations and groups at competitive rates.

Our specialities include:

  • Climate change adaptation and resilience (including assessing impacts and adaptation mainstreaming)
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Communication (especially of environmental issues)
  • Volunteer management
  • Project management
  • Project monitoring and evaluation


Training Services

MoveGreen is experienced in providing trainings and workshops all around the Kyrgyz Republic. We specialise in environmental education and media communication for professionals, university students, and school pupils (all ages). We have previously provided trainings for GIZ and Ebilim (University of Central Asia) and are currently working to provide trainings to the Ministry of Emergency Services and rural communities.

Each module we provide is an education package, including one or two trainers, equipment, and education materials.


  • Environmental education: biodiversity, endangered species, water (for adults, young people, school children)
  • Disaster Risk modules: preparedness, action plans, emergency drills (for adults, young people, school children)
  • Climate change modules: climate change science, impacts in the Kyrgyz Republic, and adaptation (for adults, young people, school children)
  • Communication modules: environmental issues for journalists and government officials
  • Environmental games and activities

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